In 1338, The food companies (share limited) the stock owned Mr Ali,Hasan and Jalil Khosroshahi.It's activities began as the trade , import and distribution of milk and baby food, Medicine and all kinds of chocolate.The Necessary to explaned that activities are before the date called a business is Ali Khosroshahi.
After the years  the establishment of the Pars MinooMinoo Khoramdeh Industrial Co.  by owners food, the company explored distributes products.

In 1358,This Company according to Law on protection and promotion of industry adopted on 10 Tir 1358 supreme council was covered by the national industry organization.On Shahrivar fifth, 1362 Ghasem Iran Co.-owned national iranian industries organization was registered in the companies registration office and industrial property, and the first date of Azar 1363, the company's operations and employees food has moved Ghasem Iran.
Ghasem Iran Co. is now owned industrial group Minoo Industrial Group and the shareholders of the Self-Sufficiency is free.
Recently the CEO G. are as follows:
  • Mr. Amir Erfani the 1363 till 1364.
  • Mr. Asghar Motamen the 1364 till 1365.
  • Mr. Alireza Raeisi poor the 1366 till the 1368
  • Mr. Mustafa Khodaei the 1369 until Mehr 1381
  • Mr. Hamid Qasim Nezhad from Aban 1381 till Aban 1382
  • Mr. Hormoz Hdadpour from Azar 1383 till Azar 1388
  • Mr. Seyed Mohammad Modarres Nia from Azar of 1389 till khordad 1395
  • Mr. Hamidreza Ghadri from khordad 1395 till 20 Azar 1396
  • Mr. Vahid Karimi from 20 Azar 1396 till now